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Car audio


If you spend a lot of time driving around in your car, you can know what a difference a great audio set up can make. We do everything from custom installations to installing speakers.

Thumping bass, solid mids and clear, high quality treble can really transform your car from a means of transport into a personal media workhorse. Get your car’s audio set up ready with us!


Looking for an audio setup that sounds like you're at a live concert?
Or are you after a system that can simply blast out heavy bass? How about a technologically advanced audio system set up that links to all your devices at the push of a button? The team at Harland Auto Electrical understand your needs. We have qualified auto electricians with GAIT Alpine, Mobile Solutions and Rockford Training.

That’s why we stock only the finest in specialist automotive audio equipment. We are certified resellers of Alpine and Focal Australia, and we can pick, install and fit your device to your car with ease. Our business is also a Car Audio Masters Member. This means that the warranty for the audio work is guaranteed by any other CAM dealer across the country. 
Car audio

quality audio gear

We know a thing or two about audio equipment. With over 35 years in the game we have a strong understanding of what sounds good and what doesn’t. So, we pick the brands we stock accordingly. Our team have a great ear and a great eye when it comes to audio equipment, and are a deft hand at installing it too.

See what we can do for you and your car today. Give us a call or jump down to the showroom and check out some of the specialised brands we carry in house and in the flesh. Feel free to send any questions our way too, we are more than happy to answer them!

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